BBMzansi S3 2022: Who Has Been Your favourite Head Of House So Far?

BBMzansi Season 3 2022 Head Of House History From The Beginning Of The Show

The first Head of House was Tulz, and his Deputy was Libo. Tulz won the first Head of House challenge. His fierce dance-off in Musical Chairs and Luck in the Dome Challenge paid off.
He admitted to feeling the pressure of being Head of House but loved the perks that came with it, the HoH bedroom. The Housemates also felt that he was a good leader, he included the Housemates in his decisions when it came to splitting how they would get food and luxuries and constantly touched base.
The second Head of House was Terry and her Deputy was Themba. The challenge that got her to the top was a game of Beer Pong and she managed to dunk a total of five balls and Themba followed closely behind with four. She picked her bestie, Sis Tamara, to share the perks of the HoH bedroom with.
The general sentiment was that she took issues too lightly and she wanted people to feel that she was HoH. Mpho had to remind her to give the House a theme, which she didn’t take seriously and when Dinky approached her to address the House, she didn’t address the House first and said nothing afterward.
The third and current Head of the House is Sis Tamara. Sis Tamara scores the highest points in the challenge of naming then animals. Sis Tamara’s Deputy is Yoli. A lot of the audience is worried that Terry is not allowing Tamara to be the HoH and is still making the rules, while others have commended Sis Tamara’s reign by saying they love how they’ve incorporated Yoli in making decisions in the House. The Housemates have also commended Sis Tamara on impeccable leadership skills and that they are happy with how the house is being run. Everyone is doing things together and as a unit. We love to see it!