BBMzansi S3: Liu Tandem Temple Biography

Big Brother Mzansi Liu Tandem Temple (Ludo Buu) Biography

Hey what’s up it’s Liu tandem temple
Better known as ludo buu and
I’m a big brother contestant yo
The housemate that’s me 31 year old and I’m
From Durban what’s that
Geez what did my friends call me uh
People who know me from way back call me
Tj people who know me now call me boo or
Be you but I prefer ludo but my mother
Calls me lieutenant especially when I’m
In trouble
Do I believe in astrology uh yes I do
Big time I’m actually a gemini I got a
Tattooed somewhere on me I’m big time
Into it and I can read people’s energy
So I can tell you most of the time 50 of
The time I’m right I can tell you what
Your star sign is so it’s quite cool
Okay uh what do I do
I drive people around actually um yeah I
Drive people around but I’m a musician I
Love music I’m an actor I’m on a couple
Of adverts already so I’m popular where
I came from or I come from but that’s me
I’m just always doing things moving yeah
So what do I hope to achieve ah I don’t
Know that’s a hard question I’m not
Trying to achieve anything in particular
I’m just trying to be myself and be on
Camera while I’m while I’m being myself
So yeah I’m going to enjoy that just
Enjoy the ride and be you like my name
The brand yeah the rock my pro my public
Figure inspiration is the rock dwayne
Johnson but I have a few I like tony
Stark I’m a big nerd I’m a geek like
That I love doctor strange I love
Steve biko I love
Muhammad ali you know I got a whole list
I’m actually I want to get more tattoos
Of just their faces if I had to think of
Songs definitely being colorata it would
Be sister bettina not because I’m sister
Bettina but because that song was played
At the end of the party and everybody
Knows what’s happening it’s like it’s
Interracial it’s just everybody relates
And has fun the last song I would think
Of would be
Blacky yeah yeah yeah yeah it’s a
Hip-hop song it’s a new song and I love
That dance that’s why so that’s me okay
If you have to google me the one thing
You wouldn’t find is
Embarrassing informational pictures
I’m um
It takes a lot for me to get embarrassed
Maybe shy but embarrassed
It’s not it’s not a
Sundays at thing

BU enters the House – BBMzansi | S3 | Mzansi Magic | Housemate Profile

Name   Liu Tandem Temple
Age   31 years
Country of Origin   South Africa
State of Origin   Durban
Nickname   Ludo Buu