BBMzansi S3: Rethabile Biography

Big Brother Mzansi Rethabile Biography

Hi guys it’s your girl d-I-n-k-y dinky
The dinkinator the move and the shaker
The vibe creator terminator master of
Distraction I’m 29 years old I was born
In Durban raised in welcome and I
Currently live in Johannesburg and this
Is my big brother profile my my friends
Call me dinky I I got that name from a
Friend of mine in high school she was my
Best friend everybody called us twins
And she used to call herself that name
And then it kind of died and then I’d
Overtook the name and I’m using it till
Now so everybody calls me dinky
I’m a capricorn that’s why I’m so badly
Loud and proud and always waiting for
People to do things for me and if they
Don’t I just don’t like them it’s
Because I’m a capricorn I’m a business
I own clothing shops
And also I sell a whole lot of gadgets
Like your cameras anything that has to
Do with cameras and your your
Ring lights for your YouTubers I provide
People with that and I’m also still a
Student at the moment I’m studying
Business management so
I’m a busy lady I’m a busy young lady I
Was not intending to be in south africa
For the rest of my life maybe go to
But then it will depend if people know
You there so I’m here I’m creating a
Profile and a name for myself so that my
Business will grow and everywhere I will
Go people will know where I was so that
The doors will be quicker to open and I
Will be greater at what I want to be
Because I want to be a tv host and the
Biggest tv host
An elem daughter
An alum daughter is the public figure
That I look up to she’s very smart
Like everything about her for me is
Perfect because everybody just want this
Picture perfect hourglass type of ladies
Who’ve got no brains at all but anilm
Daughter has got it all so that’s why I
Look up to her

Rethabile is welcomed – BBMzansi | S3 | Mzansi Magic | Housemate Profile

Name   Rethabile
Age   29 years
Country of Origin   South Africa
State of Origin   Johannesburg
Nickname   Dinkinator