BBMzansi: Terry, Libo and Tulz’s react to Gash1 and Thato being safe

Wafa wafa reactions
Wafa wafa reactions


Day 51: Wafa-wafa reactions — BBMzansi

The drama and action on Big Brother Mzansi are getting intense and Housemates are starting to show that they are in this for the money, not to make friends.
Below are two moments from Sunday’s Live Eviction show that left the viewers laughing out loud. Even though the viewers found humor, these moments cemented that at this stage of the game, it officially does or dies.

Terry, Libo, and Tulz react to Gash1 and Thato being safe

After Lawrence announced that the love birds, Thato and Gash1 were safe from Eviction, Tulz, Libo and Terry couldn’t hide their disappointment.
In the Conspiracy Corner, Terry had made it clear to Tulz and Libo that she wanted both Gash1 and Thato to be booted out of Biggie’s House. It’s no secret that she is not in support of their relationship. It has been speculated that she doesn’t support the relationship because she has feelings for Gash1 and isn’t happy that he chose Thato instead. At some point, Terry warned Thato to stay away from Gash1, but she didn’t listen. During her Diary Session, she told Biggie that Thato is no longer focusing on the game as she is always with Gash1. Viewers took this as Terry projecting her jealousy towards the couple.

Themba looking sad after Venus’departure.

Viewers on social media were left amused after seeing the “trio’s” reaction to the news that Thato and Gash1 were staying for another week.
Libo’s reaction to Mphowabadimo being safe
It looked as if Libo was getting chest pains when Mphowabadimo was declared safe from being Evicted. Libo has been Nominating Mphowabadimo to be sent packing. It seems Abadimo and her fans are on her side as she keeps surviving.
Yesterday in a conversation between Mphowabadimo and Themba, they could be heard laughing as they joked about standing up only to seat down and packing their bags only to unpack again.
Viewers on Twitterville were left in stitches after seeing Libo’s reaction.
In the words of Housemate Sis Tamara, it is now wafa-wafa…do or die! What do you think about the game at this stage? Remember, we love hearing from you.