BBMzansi: Terry won the week 6 Friday night game 2022

Terry won the week 6 Friday night game
Terry won the week 6 Friday night game

We’ve seen twerking and excitement, but tonight it ended in tears this game tested the Housemate’s speed, hand-eye coordination, and short-term memory.
The rules remain pretty standard week in and week out with a few minor changes. There are always arrows on the floor that help to guide the Housemates with clear markings of ‘start’ and ‘finish’. This week Biggie introduced multiple 30-second penalties.
The allocation to finish the challenges this week was five minutes. The game would start at the sound of the buzzer on the 1950’s Mafia-inspired set.

Week 6 Friday night game Challenges

  • Target Practice

There was a table with plastic bottles lined up and on the smaller box was a nerf gun and bullets. The aim of this challenge was to hit at least one plastic bottle on the table and knock it over using the gun.

  • Roll the dice

In this challenge, the Housemates found two giant dice, one with a rack of cards and the other with two small dice. The Housemates had to pick a card and the number on the card they’d have to roll on the dice.

  • Run the donut

In this challenge, the Housemates found 12 tires placed in the shape of the number eight and they had to jump in each of the tires from one to the next and their movements would have to draw the number eights as they jumped.

  • A game of memory

This game had two stages. In the first stage, they had to pick a set of cards in a basket on the floor, memorize the order of the five pictures they get, and move to stage two. In stage two they had to go to another station where they’d find similar cards and they had to then assemble the cards in the same order as they’d just seen them.
Terry won the challenge with a time of 02:24 and Tamara came in second place with a time of 02:27. She cried when Biggie announced that she was the winner.