BBMzansi: The Housemates are enjoying Themba’s reign

Im Head of House
I’m Head of House


Themba diary session

This week the Housemates voted for who they wanted to see as ahead of House and Themba had the most people nominating him for this position. He nominated Libo as his deputy.
The Housemates are enjoying his reign and how he’s stepped up to ensure that they will win their Wager Task. The Housemates mentioned that everyone is listening to Themba and not questioning his authority.
Some feel that it’s easier to be Head of House to a group of seven other people and not a full House. Despite how they might feel Themba says he manages sure that the Housemates remember that he is the Head of House and that what he says goes. He said that he wanted to remind them that he was in charge.
We saw an example of that tonight while they were rehearsing for the Wager. The Housemates shared their stories and most of them could barely keep their eyes open. Themba confronted them about this; he said he felt that they weren’t pulling their weight, there was nothing ‘wow’ about their stories, and that if he was Biggie, they would not win the Wager. He told them he needs them to work harder, finish their stories, and add a wow-factor to them to prevent people from sleeping during the presentation.
Some might not like his style of leadership, but it seems to be working.