BBMzansi: This week on BBMzansi, the theme has been centered around a return to nature

Top 8 Housemates camping must haves
Top 8 Housemates camping must-haves

This week’s theme is back to nature. At camp, this is what the 8 Housemates are bringing along with them.
This week on BBMzansi, the theme has been centered around a return to nature. And, seeing as nothing says ‘nature’ more than the good ol’ time in the outdoors, we’ve decided to list the essentials the 8 remaining Housemates would most likely be bringing along to their camping adventures.


Gash1 has been known for raiding the fridge a few trips above the rest. The backlash from his fellow Housemates notwithstanding, his love for a good meal has gone unchallenged. He’s also bringing his famous suit, complete with the waistcoat. The question becomes; why would anyone bring a suit to a camping adventure? The answer is simple – when it comes to his suits, Gash1 is as comfortable as it gets. We’ve seen do almost anything in the House in that suit. He loves it, looks good in it, and is allowed to insist on it.
Although Sis Tamara’s pair of signature hoops will make its way into the bags, it’s that sickeningly stylish metallic bomber jacket that will make more sense. The outdoors will require a variety of practical and functional clothes, especially for the time when it gets chilly.


Conspiracy theories about the magical powers imbued in Tulz’ jersey nearly broke the internet in recent weeks. He loves the jersey, sparking full-blown investigations into whether or not it could be behind the reason why he has remained the only Housemate to have never been put up for Nomination. Even revealing to Biggie that the jersey holds a lot of sentimental value for him, people still reckon it’s his secret weapon. There’s no doubt such an item would be needed at camp.


Libo has used everything in Biggie to maintain his model physique. It takes work, and he’s clearly disciplined enough to keep his routine going. The lack of gym equipment in Biggie’s House has not stopped him from working on his biceps using everything from suitcases to, well, bigger suitcases. We are willing to bet that if Libo is going to consider the idea of camping out in the wild, he would have to have his gym gear and basic equipment around.


She’s a Jill of many trades – amongst them being her excellent precision for a mean face-beat. Whether it’s for her camping mates or herself, there’s no doubt that Terry would most likely not be forgetting her make-up kit for this adventure.


Having shot to some sort of online prominence through a dance video that went viral on one of the social platforms, Thato’s passion for dancing has stayed no secret. On BBMzansi, it comes out during the Saturday Night Parties. It’s a pretty fascinating contrast, as she’s usually laid back in the House, only allowing her inner baddie to do the rounds at the perfect moment. There’s more perfect a scape than the outdoors, where she could dance into the sunset. It’s a theory that works – Thato is bringing her dancing shoes.


The tattoo artist clearly loves nothing more than expressing his artistry in many forms. Part of the reason Themba has done so well in the Task Wagers is that he has shown an exceptional gift and love for the arts and crafts. Whether it’s painting or building a mini statue from scratch, his ability to make art is unparalleled in the House. For this reason, it is most likely that Themba would be bringing a sketch pad to play around with some sketches to lay down the foundations for his future creations.


An African spiritual healer in real life, Mphowabadimo has opened up about the level of dedication required in her practice. And while she can’t be physically in her space of practice during her stay in Biggie’s House, she has brought along with her a variety of traditional garments that she wears from time to time. These include her range of headgear with abstract patterns. She also never leaves her supply of Snuff behind.