BBMzansi Top 8: Shocking goodbyes and new changes

Shocking goodbyes and new changes
Shocking goodbyes and new changes

Hello Top 8 … it may be looking like a small intimate party but Biggie’s House is always ready to expect the unexpected BBMzansi Top 8 Housemates enjoy supper in the dining lounge
Live Eviction Shows tend to shake up the House, one way or another, and the more we look deeper into it the Housemates are slowly realizing to expect the unexpected, in other words, gearing up for the worst.
After saying goodbye to Venus, Themba was most shocked by the Eviction. His embrace and disbelief displayed most as Venus made her way out of the House. Among many things, Themba seemed to feel frustrated that he had made a breakthrough with Venus and just as he was excited for the start of something new – tonight’s Eviction threw him off his game.
On the flip side, Biggie is not done just yet – as the Housemates slowly learned that the Conspiracy Corner has been phased out of the game. The contenders who hoped to leverage alliances this week are in for a disappointing start to the week. Although we are unclear what the interesting plot twist will be tomorrow, we know with Biggie we can always expect surprises or maybe he was just playing it safe considering how heated it was getting in that Corner.
Although Housemates are unfamiliar with the new rules surrounding the HoH Games, the talk around the House is all about wanting to either be HoH or Deputy HoH but as far as we know there are pranks involved which are bound to make the Ultimate Veto Power quite interesting.
While we are in for a treat tomorrow, Biggie’s changes to the House will bring some new dynamics and shifts in how Housemates relate to one another. Will the underdogs come together to target the stronger Housemates, or will it be each to their own game?
We are in for an interesting week but hey, let’s take a moment to celebrate with the Housemates – only eight Housemates remain and that’s what matters right now. We have a Top 8!