BBMzansi: War in the House, Themba and Terry are constantly at loggerheads

War in the BBMzansi House
War in the BBMzansi House

Day 60: War in the House – BBMzansi

Since the week commenced, Housemates have been working on their Wager Task, which will take place later today they have Wagered a 100% on the outcome of this Task, meaning their ability to buy luxuries is once again at stake.
The Housemates have been divided into two teams, namely team Sticks and team Stones. In their allocated teams, they have to go head to head in a debate.
During the ongoing preparation, the tension in the House has been so thick, one can almost cut it with a knife. Themba and Terry are constantly at loggerheads. Themba has had to take Terry to task for cutting Gash1 off in the middle of his presentation and she wasn’t too happy. A verbal altercation between the two took place.
Yesterday Terry found herself in team Sticks’ bad books, once again. Libo in his Diary Session raised concerns about her. He told Biggie that Terry is difficult. “At times she doesn’t listen to understand, instead she listens to respond.”.
Themba also voiced out that Terry is stubborn and Gash1 solidified this by adding that she thinks she knows more than anyone else. His biggest frustration is that Terry wants things changed even when the group feels it’s unnecessary. It seems Terry is not the only problem in this team, Gash1 later added that everyone in his team is highly opinionated and they don’t give each other a chance to speak.
In contrast to her teammates, Terry seems to think that they are working very well together. Her only worry is that Themba is too opinionated and feels everything he says is right. On the other hand, she thinks Gash1 is too relaxed and has been sharing what is going on in their team with his bae, Thato.
Team Stones is also not having it easy. Even though things seem to be going much better for them, not everything is perfect. “In terms of the preparations, we are overlooking things”, this was what Mphowabadimo said to Biggie. She says it’s easier for her to work with Tulz, but when it comes to working with Sis Tamara and Thato it’s a completely different story. “We are working together but not together.” Even with all the challenges, Mphowabadimo is confident that her team will hold their own.
The Wager Task goes down later today, and we hope both teams will be ready to impress Biggie by then. In your opinion, will they be ready?