BBMzansi Week 7 Nominations 2022

BBMzansi Heads on the chopping block
BBMzansi Heads on the chopping block

Tensions around the BBMzansi week 7 2022 Nominations are high and alliances in the House are on the rise. The conspiracy corner is being utilized over time… there is just no rest.
Big Brother called the Housemates to make individual Nominations for Housemates to be put up for possible Eviction this Sunday.

Nominations were as follows:

  1. Gash1 Nominates:
    Nale and Venus
  2. Venus Nominates:
    Tulz and Thato
  3. Sis Tamara Nominates:
    Thato and Venus
  4. Nale Nominates:
  5. Tulz Nominates:
  6. Thato Nominates:
  7. Libo Nominates:
  8. Terry Nominates:
  9. Themba Nominates:
    Sis Tamara
  10. Mphowabadimo Nominates:

Veto power rules

Head of House Libo was called upon to use his save and replace power to ensure one of the Housemates from possible Eviction. Nervously, in the presence of fellow Housemates, Libo chose to save Tulz and instead threw an unimpressed Nale under the bus. Lately, lady luck seems to be had on Tulz’s side. Not too long ago Sis Tamara used their Veto power to save him from possible Eviction. Tulz didn’t seem surprised at all when Libo saved him, he already knew that it would happen.

Up for possible Eviction

As it stands, the following Housemates are now up for possible Eviction this Sunday: Gash1, Mphowabadimo, Nale, Thato, and Venus. As Gash1, Thato and Mphowabadimo were made to stand up, they didn’t seem surprised at all by being Nominated. It was as if they saw this coming and were prepared.
The shift in loyalties is quite evident. Alliances have been formed and we are not yet sure what the outcome of these will be. One thing stands out though, it’s every man for himself.
Will Tulz eventually run out of luck? Keep watching for more drama and entertainment!