BBMzansi: week 8 wager task “stories in the wilderness”

Stories in the wilderness
Stories in the wilderness

There are two sides to every story and then there’s the Housemate’s imagination tonight the Housemates were prepared for their Wager Task and had gone through being yelled at by the Head of House for lack of effort so they really stepped up their game and polished their stories.
This preparation proved to be worth it because they ended up winning their Wager Task. The Housemates were tasked with writing their own original scary stories that they would then tell sitting around a campfire. They started their camping expedition with a war cry and settled down around the campfire. They had created accessories such as lanterns and explained why they had created them and what they signified.
One thing about the stories, they were really scary. There was a story about Rainbow, a kindergarten teacher who abducts children, takes them to the edge of the rainbow, boils them alive, and meditates to their screams. We know what you’re thinking, but it went downhill from that story. One of the stories had a nine-year-old who has killed her mother at birth and by the age of nine, Thoko had killed nine people and was planning to take out her brothers and father instead.
Each story was started off by the Housemates saying ‘chosi’. They then told their scary stories and went around in a circle. Their imaginations really went to work with this Task. At some point, we had to question if we were still listening to fictional stories because that’s how real it all seemed to get.
Congratulations to the Housemates for winning their 100% Wager!