BBNaija: Chichi won the week 9 Head of house (HOH) game and secures a place in the finals

Chichi secures a spot in the Finale
Chichi secures a spot in the Finale




The winner of tonight’s Head of House game does not only make it to the Final Show but also picks two to go through to the Finale.

Tonight’s Head of House win brings with it a guaranteed spot in this Season’s Finale, making it the most coveted HoH title yet.

It was all giggles and banter as the Housemates gathered in the Arena but as soon as Big Brother explained what was at stake, the light mood was replaced with keen focus.

As if Housemates were not on edge enough, Biggie started with some House cleaning by relieving Rachel of her Tail of House title.

The stakes got even higher when Big Brother announced that tonight’s winner would not only be crowned Head of House, enjoy the privilege of using the executive Head of House bedroom and attend the Showmax Movie Night but tonight’s HoH winner would also get Supreme Veto Power.

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Tonight’s Head of House Game was called the “See-Saw Beams”, a game that mimicked the playground see-saw but with a twist.

The beams were specially crafted with one end of each beam sporting a shallow container in the shape of the Big Brother eye, while the other side of the beam was bare with only a marked line.

Housemates were given five balls to transport, one at a time, by walking on the beam to the other side and dropping the ball in the shallow container.

Housemates were to repeat this until all balls were transported successfully.

As the game progressed the frustration came in bouts for Housemates who struggled with keeping the balls in the container because the beam would move when they walked on it, spilling their balls out in the process.

Balance was the name of the game and Chichi proved that she had good control of hers.

In true Chichi style, she screamed throughout her attempts but this proved to be her superpower as she claimed victory over her counterparts.

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When the game ended, Big Brother acknowledged all the other times when she nearly made it but fell short and congratulated her for winning this week’s Head of House.

After Biggie asked Chichi who she would share the Head of House Bedroom with, she chose a delighted Chizzy who graciously accepted.

Daniella was crowned this week’s Tail of House and Big Brother told her that her reward would be read to her at a later stage.

As the new Head of House and Supreme Veto Power holder, Chichi would be given the chance to listen to pitches from her counterparts as they vie for a spot in the Finale.