BBNaija: Dotun not on speaking terms with two ladies (Watch Video)

Dotun not on speaking terms with two ladies
Dotun is not on speaking terms with two ladies



Dotun had a good start to the week as he won HoH, but it ends on a bad one as he gets friend-zoned.
At the beginning of the week, Dotun and Chomzy had a fallout that rubbed Chomzy up the wrong way.
An argument erupted around when the bathroom should be cleaned when chores were being allocated.
The cleaning conflict made Dotun irritated and he had an exchange of words with Chomzy, which led to him ending the argument with the f-word.

Chomzy was very upset and expressed her anger to Deji. From that day, she decided not to speak to Dotun again.

During her Diary Session, she iterated her decision to Biggie and has not uttered a single word to him since then!

During the previous Sunday Live Show, Ebuka, “the table scatterer”, asked Dotun a question relating to Daniella.

Dotun expressed that he is indeed interested in her, so it was no surprise that he chose Daniella to share the HoH bedroom with him the next day.

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The pair have grown closer during the past few days, but the closeness has Daniella conflicted…

During yesterday’s Pool Party, Daniella spoke to Dotun about only wanting a friendship with him.

She later opened up to Deji, communicating to him that she knows what she wants, and Dotun is not it!

Watch Daniella opening up to Deji: 

During their chat, Dotun informed Daniella that they should not speak to each other again.

The two have maintained this agreement and have avoided each other since that conversation, even after sharing a bed last night.

In the Garden, they sat on two separate parts and kept their space from each other.

Daniella entered her ship with Dotun already feeling conflicted. She was worried that people will shame her for getting into another ship after Khalid left the House.

What she is not aware of is that Khalid told Ebuka that what they have is “serious”! This conflict has led her to decide to maintain a friendship with Dotun rather than anything romantic.

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Is this the end of the Doniealla ship or will they rekindle?