BBNaija: Full gist of the Gbas Gbos between Phyna And Chomzy (Watch Video)

Gbas Gbos between Phyna And Chomzy
Gbas Gbos between Phyna And Chomzy



It seems the unending rivalry between level 1 housemates and the level 2 housemates is something that we are going to watch till the end of the show level 1 housemates are few in the house but are having a strong fan base while level 2 housemates are much in the house with few of them having a strong fan base.

Recently, an outburst of quarrel happened between Phyna who is a level 2 housemate, and Chomzy who is a level 1 housemate and well, this is what we love to see.

Quarrels, relationships that bring smiles and contents to the viewers.

Phyna happened to prepare food for level 2 housemates (Bryann, Groovy and herself) thereby excluding level 1 housemates.

This got Chomzy angry and she had to question Phyna on why she will commit such an act like that.

Chomzy said Phyna should also keep the energy outside and this did not sit well with Phyna as she had to reply back.

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Phyna told Chomzy never to say that since she is not the one that will establish her after the show.

Chomzy also went ahead to tell Phyna that she shouts like a mad woman in a low tone.

Phyna: who are you to tell me that !!!… Are you the person that is going to establish me after the show ??… are you the one that will set me up in life ??

Chomzy to Phyna: you shout like a [email protected] woman.. I cannot be man with you.

Fans believed Chomzy is overdoing it and there is nothing wrong if Phyna decides not to prepare food for level 1 housemates.

Phyna and Chomzy fight this afternoon over Level 2 food.

Chomzy is pissed at Phyna’s behavior over their food and asks her to maintain the energy outside and even blurting words like “we shall see outside”.

Phyna is irritated by her statement and reacts. Chomzy replies saying Phyna has also made silly stories a while ago.

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Phyna asks her to repeat the statement she made so she can apologize or keep her peace


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