BBNaija: Full gist of “Who raised you?” Gbas Gbos between Phyna & Bella

Gbas Gbos between Phyna Bella
Gbas Gbos between Phyna Bella



This afternoon in Biggie’s House, Daniella had a disagreement with the former Level 1 Housemates, while Bella and Phyna had a go at each other over a meeting disruption.

Bella, Daniella, and Phyna, were all involved in conversations that turned a bit heated when it did not go the way they planned and it just seemed like someone from the vawulence HQ came to spray a bit of vawulence on the Level Up House.

The Level 2 Head of House curse

Adekunle, Bella, Daniella, Dotun, Hermes, and Sheggz sat around the dining area today to discuss why Housemates from the former Level 1 frequently won the Head of House challenge prior to this week.

The former Level 1 Housemates in the discussion asserted that their victory was a result of their unique strength.

Daniella didn’t like this because she thought everything that happened was fate.

Daniella left the conversation after being upset by it, and Adekunle consoled her in her bed.

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Adekunle told her that she was correct about the Head of House’s triumph being determined by fate while consoling her and discussed the selfishness in the former Level 1.

The Bella and Phyna blowout

Even if Daniella’s moment was a little stressful, Bella and Phyna’s interaction surpassed all of the preceding turbulence. While in a meeting, Phyna voiced her disapproval of Bella, Chomzy, and Sheggz’ chatting about the food allocation from the previous day.

Bella and Sheggz both responded with expressions of disapproval at Phyna’s tone. Bella retorted. “You can lead by being nice.”

Bella and Sheggz’s response set off an emotional rollercoaster as Bella and Phyna first exchanged barbs before their guys stepped in.

Sheggz stepped into the argument because he had an issue with Phyna asking Bella the question “who raised her?”, while Groovy decided to stand up to Sheggz for verbally attacking his partner.

The Level Up Housemates and Guests intervened to diffuse the tension, which eventually brought about calm.

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Bromance Ended?

After partnering up during lockdown, Groovy and Sheggz have kept up a certain level of respect for one another.

However, it appears as though their bromance may have come to an end as Groovy decided it would be best to defend his relationship when Sheggz entered the conversation between Bella and Phyna.

This led to a separate argument in which Sheggz questioned Groovy’s decision to date Phyna saying “I don’t even know why you are dating her.”

Groovy responded to Sheggz saying he shouldn’t bother with the reason.

Will there be continuous commotion between the Groophy and Shella ships? Only time will tell.