BBNaija: Goodbye to the Khaniella and hello to the Doniella ship

Goodbye to the Khaniella and hello to the Doniella ship
Goodbye to the Khaniella and hello to the Doniella ship



A Doniella ship seems to be on the horizon and we are here to tell you why.
Daniella and Dotun were spotted in the early hours of today having some private moments under the duvet in the HoH Room.
These movements sparked online rumors about a blooming relationship between the two.
This is quite a spicy issue because Daniella had a ship with Khalid before his Eviction from the show, and the two were often spotted spending some quality time under the duvet too. Does this mean the Khaniella ship has sunk? We can’t say for now.

Dotun had previously expressed his feelings for Daniella but did not get a direct response for reasons she later shared with him after the last Saturday Night Party.

While speaking with Dotun, Daniella expressed her fears of getting into a relationship because she feared she was going to be judged because she had just come out of a two-week relationship with Khalid that only ended because of his Eviction.

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Dotun, however, assured her that she would not be judged and was only putting herself in that position.

Dotun went on to confirm his feelings for her again during the Live Show after Ebuka had asked him what was going on between them.

On Monday, Dotun won the HoH title and also got the HoH bedroom privilege that comes with the position.

His choice of Daniella as his guest helped move things forward in building a ship with Daniella.

In the early hours of Tuesday, the two spoke for a while before covering their heads to have more conversations.

At the end of their conversation, certain movements happened under the duvet suggesting their conversation was going well.

Daniela tells Dotun she fears being shamed

Are we saying goodbye to the Khaniella and hello to the Doniella ship? Only time will tell.