BBNaija: “I don’t know how to fake feelings, I don’t know how to fake energy” latest update in Groophy ship now (Watch Video)

Groovy and Phyna ship
Groovy and Phyna ship



The Groovy and Phyna ship is stuck and may not be free anytime soon.
Phyna has made the decision to put Groovy to the test after admitting to Bella and Chizzy that she is sick of being the first to apologise for any misunderstandings they may have.

Recently, the Groophy ship hit an iceberg, and it now appears to be sinking faster than the Titanic.

Although there have been arguments between the two in the past, the current misunderstanding began when Groovy made an attempt to cook for himself.

This did not go down well with Phyna

According to Phyna’s narrative. she expressed her worry, but Groovy thought it was a problem.

Groovy’s exit

Phyna’s narrative remained constant even though she spoke to Bella and Chizzy separately..

According to Phyna her retort to Groovy’s complaint sent him over the edge as he proceeded to snub her in the night.


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He then proceeded to pack his belongings from the locker they shared and also stopped sleeping in her bed.

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Phyna wasn’t happy about this since she thought Groovy owed her a chat in which he expressed his disapproval.

She gave earlier instances of her making sure to reach out to him and bring him out of his funk while he was experiencing emotional distress.

She also mentioned how she apologised right away after discovering she might have misbehaved the previous week after getting drunk.

This didn’t sit well with Phyna who felt Groovy owed it to her to have a conversation where he expresses his displeasure.

She cited examples of helping him out of an emotional turmoil in the past where she made sure she came to him and helped him out of his funk.

She also cited how she was quick to apologise when she realised she may have misbehaved after she got drunk last week.

The recommendation

Bella and Chizzy both recommended Phyna meet Groovy to express herself after she had poured her heart out, but she is adamant against doing so since she feels that she has been the bigger person for a while and does not want Groovy to grow used to it.

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She made mention of previous relationships in which she had felt humiliated since she had always apologised first.

Is this the end of the Groophy ship? Let’s wait and see.


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