BBNaija: Reasons why Doyin may just be at the center of issues in the House


Doyin may just be at the center of issues in the House
Doyin may just be at the center of issues in the House




Doyin has stood out this season for many reasons. Some of which include, her spicy long-distance relationship with Cyph, her sismance with Allysyn, and her apparent presence in the spaces of her fellow HMs.

This has led to a few scuffles or negative reactions coming her way.

While gisting with Allysyn in the Garde

n yesterday afternoon, Doyin had expressed how jealous she was of Allysyn because she seemed to be having it good with other HMs and barely had any issues with them.

Allysyn had countered this notion saying she just knew whom to have casual conversations with and those she could get personal with.

Allysyn pointed out that Doyin had the inability to let issues go hence the reason why a lot of people in the House may have an issue with her.

Doyin corroborated this and decided she was going to try to change. Let’s point out that the same afternoon this conversation happened, Doyin had just rounded up a gossip session with Chichi and Modella about Hermes and his temperament.

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Allysyn’s point of not having deep conversations with everyone was Doyin’s weakness and she pointed it out.

True to Allysyn’s words, Deji and Eloswag had told Biggie that Doyin seems to be at the centre of a lot of issues they had in the House.

Can we say Doyin truly loves being the centre of attention? We are not sure but after the Level merger, it did seem like she was not too comfortable with being separated from her bestie Allysyn who was renewing old bonds with Daniella.

In fact, Doyin spoke about this to Biggie and went on to question her sismance with Allysyn.

Later on, in the week, Allysyn and Doyin spoke about how she was feeling left out and it seems all is well on that end.

Doyin having a chat with Chichi and Modella about Hermes

Seeing as we are in a non-Voting week, we can’t wait to see if Doyin will be able to avoid any drama from the Level Up House.