BBNaija: Reasons why housemates nominated Amaka for immediate eviction

Reasons why housemates nominated Amaka for immediate eviction
Reasons why housemates nominated Amaka for immediate eviction



As a surprising turn of events, Biggie called for a special Nomination that led to Amaka’s Immediate Eviction, and they shared their reasons in today’s Diary Session.
When Amaka woke up yesterday, she had no idea that her night would turn the way it did.
The night ended in tears as Phyna cried over Amaka’s Immediate Eviction. Biggie called for a special Nomination where one Housemate would be Evicted, and the one with the most Nominations would leave the House.

Amaka’s name came up more than any other, leading to her leaving the Level Up House.

For their Diary Sessions, Biggie asked Housemates who they Nominated and why, and those that Nominated shared the same sentiment; drama and gistlover.

The no-sleep geng was surprised by Giddyfia’s Nomination of Amaka due to the nature of their relationship.

He told Biggie in the Diary Room that before the House merged, he only knew Amaka from their brief interactions in the Arena and the Saturday Night Party.

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Moving in together showed her in a different light for him. He realized at some point that Amaka was involved in the gossiping drama that was taking place in the House.

Giddyfia went to call her an aunty that has issues and no coordination.

Giddyfia failed to understand why she kept receiving microphone infringement warnings. In one conversation, she told Giddyfia that she did not need to put on her microphone because she could speak loudly. This subsequently earned her a strike, and Giddyfia told Biggie he could not be close with a rule breaker.

Eloswag told Biggie that Amaka was always having an altercation with someone in the House. He and Amaka had an opportunity to talk on Sunday after Ebuka shook the tables.

Ebuka asked Chomzy who was responsible for the rumour around Phyna and Groovy.

Chomzy told Ebuka that she believed Amaka was the instigator. Did Eloswag Nominate Amaka because the gossip issue hurt his love interest?

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Hermes and Groovy think Amaka did not apply herself enough during the Game, leading to her eventual Eviction. For Groovy, the Eviction was sad, especially because she was a former Level 2 Housemate and the Level 1 Housemates dominate the House.

Bryann is also not happy that the Level 2 Housemates keep getting Evicted, although he Nominated Amaka, but called the Nomination random.

HoH Dotun did not Nominate Amaka believes that her Eviction was good for the sake of peace in the House.