BBNaija: The Level Up Housemates are having friendship troubles, would this week’s theme,” Care and Kindness,” help?

Meet the Remaining BBNaija Season 7 Housemates
Meet the Remaining BBNaija Season 7 Housemates



Would this week’s theme,” Care and Kindness,” help them show compassion to one another?
Last night Biggie revealed to the Level Up Housemates that everyone except the new HoH Chomzy and her subordinate, Eloswag are up for Possible Evictions.
Today, they sat with Biggie to share their thoughts on the Nominations, Evictions, the new HoH, and changes in friendships and bonds.


Former Level 2 Housemates, Groovy, Modella, Amaka, Chizzy, and Phyna, are all glad that Level 1 Housemates finally get to feel the wrath of Evictions.

They think Level 1 Housemates were too relaxed and unaware of how Evictions work.

Level 1 Housemates Adekunle and Giddyfia also share similar views and think being up for Possible Evictions will finally change the dynamics in the House.



Chomzy’s HoH win

The Level Up Housemates are all excited to have their first female HoH. They all agree that Chomzy brought her all to the previous Games and truly deserved this win.

However, they feel like Chomzy is not yet owning her role in a bid to avoid conflicts. Instead, she is allowing Eloswag to take on most of the work.

Do you think Chomzy will stop holding back and take the lead?

Wavering friendships

Many friendships in the Level Up House seem to be on the rocks. Doyin touched on her broken bond with Allysyn since they moved Houses and Allysyn and Hermes became a thing.

She was visibly hurt about losing their connection, and to rekindle the friendship, she plans on having a conversation soon.

Phyna also feels like she and Amaka are not as close as before. She blames the House merge and Giddyfia for their issues.

Following Phyna’s altercation with Sheggz today, Sheggz spoke on the subject and expressed that he felt bad for arguing with her because of his friendship with Groovy.

Interestingly, being under the same roof has also brought about new friendships.

During Modella’s Diary Session, She couldn’t help but talk about her new friend, Doyin.

She thinks Doyin is calm, fun and they both like the ‘soft life.’ Diana also found a companion in Adekunle after her fight with Giddyfia, and Giddyfia hopes to have a sit down with Diana to settle their scores.