BBNaija: Who took Adekunle’s food from the fridge?

Who took Adekunles food from the fridge
Who took Adekunles food from the fridge?



Adekunle stored his food in the fridge, closed it with a plate, and someone took the plated food and left the lid
The Level Up food chronicles are not ending in Biggie’s House.
Things escalated to a point where Biggie had to address the issue with all the Housemates in the Living Room.
He reminded the previous Level 1 Housemates never to feel entitled to food purchased with Level 2’s Pocket Naira.

Watch Biggie addressing the food war: 

Adekunle threatened the Housemates and said if he is not Evicted on Sunday Night, he will start stealing food.

This was after Bella accused him of stealing food. As fate would have it, after the Saturday Night Party, Adekunle discovered that someone stole his food from the fridge.

He was announcing this loudly in the Kitchen, adding that he will find the person should he be Evicted.

According to him, he will go through video footage to check who took the food cause Biggie is always watching.

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As he was making this promise, Amaka walked in and admitted that she took the food out of the fridge.

This acknowledgment earned her the respect of Sheggz, and Adekunle lowered his voice and got calmer.

Watch Adekunle threaten the Housemates about food: 

It seems like all was forgiven because she admitted to taking the food, but later, Adekunle shouted out her name, telling her that he is hungry. Amaka offered to share her food, but Adekunle said he was playing.

Adekunle jokingly told Amaka that she is wicked for taking food that did not belong to her.

Chizzy, the food guard 

It seems like the food situation is not going to get better. Chizzy told Biggie that he is going to do some extraordinary things in the House to make sure he gets Nominated.

He is the self-appointed food guard in the Level Up House and has been instigating some food vawulence. 

He is going to turn it up a notch, so the drama will surely be present where food is involved in this House o!

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