Big Brother Mzansi: Libo, Themba and Tulz are in the top five already

Its a hard life for others
It’s a hard life for others

Today is a very crucial day in the Big Brother Mzansi House we already know that Libo, Themba, and Tulz are in the top five. With only two spots remaining, apart from the ones mentioned above, everyone else is anxiously waiting for tonight’s Live Eviction Show.
Sis Tamara and Terry woke up and headed straight outside to do yoga. Yoga is the perfect way for destressing and centering the mind which is vital, especially on such a crucial day. Later on, we saw Sis Tamara take down her family pictures from the wall.
One need not ask which of the Housemates are safe and which might find themselves going home tonight. It is all in the facial expression. While some prepare for the unknown, Libo, Themba, and Tulz were living it up in the Jacuzzi. Dressed in matching outfits, the Jacuzzi moment was moved to a different area of the House. The three just can’t seem to contain their excitement as they laugh and sing loudly.
When Biggie summoned the Nominated Housemates into the Diary Room to unpack, Gash1 said even though he is nervous, he still believes that he stands a good chance of making it into the finals. Mphowabadimo said even though she doesn’t know what’s going to happen, she is super nervous and is crossing her fingers. Sis Tamara went on to say she’s not panicking as much as she thought she would.
She is certain that all the emotions will come flooding closer to the Live Eviction show. Terry told Biggie that she is trusting in herself and believes that she might not be Evicted. Thato commented that she is staying positive, even though emotionally she’s more prepared for the possibility of being Evicted.