Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 2022 Shopping Time And Days For Housemates

Shopping Time And Days For The Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 2022 Housemates

We saw the Housemates putting their best foot forward when they had to work on their grocery list. The House was abuzz as everyone excitedly shouted what they wanted to be added to the shopping list. The grocery list was longer than our arm. After a week of having to play it safe with the groceries, yesterday the Housemates went wild. Some wanted olive oil to be added to the list, Mphowabadimo asked that bubblegum shouldn’t be left out, some wanted chops and steak and of course, good quality booze just had to make the list.
As you may already know, Big Brother Mzansi wouldn’t be Big Brother Mzansi without a bit of drama and spicy. B.U confronted Acacia and told her that he’s been feeling uncomfortable and awkward around her. Even though the two didn’t come to a resolution, B.U was able to confront the situation.
Venus and Nale enjoyed a private chat where Nale encouraged her to have fun with B.U but she brushed this off by stressing that she didn’t come into the House for B.U and he shouldn’t expect her to stick beside him or for her to perform ‘girlfriend duties’ since they are not dating. Will this ship ever officially sail? Only time will tell.
Christmas definitely came early for the Housemates! Later during the day, Biggie surprised the Housemates by presenting them with beautiful clothes to wear to the Saturday Night Party. Did we mention that the cut was just right too? Everyone was beside themselves as they put on their outfits and took selfies. All good things need to be captured, right?
After the Saturday Night Party, Zino needed some comforting about the Eviction Night that’s due to take place later today, Yoli, Norman, and Thato came to the rescue. The Eviction stress was also getting to Nale. She was vocal about her fear of being Evicted but said should she be evicted; she will look forward to seeing her man.
While in a drunk state, Norman needed to sleep, Sis Tamara and Yoli tried to help him to get some. Sis Tamara ‘Beyonce’d’ the night away with the song Déjà vu. Nthabii and Sis Tamara gave an impromptu Sarafina performance which left our stomachs aching from laughing There’s no House like Biggie’s House! Keep watching for more drama and extra serving.