Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 2022: Week 1 Wager Task Result

Week 1 Wager Task Result In Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 2022

As you may be aware, the Housemates have already been given their first staking task, in which they must stake a portion of their weekly earnings on their ability to complete the task successfully. The Housemates chose to go 100 percent on the outcome, perhaps out of overconfidence or simply because they have a high opinion of themselves. While this implies that the benefits can be enormous, the fear of failure is evident throughout the house.
The Housemates will be asked to submit a story, poetry, or drama (or a combination of all three) about who they are and where they come from on Thursday. No raw materials will be given and each Housemate must participate. To put it another way, a single weak link can bring them all down.
Last night, the Housemates discussed whether they should work on betting homework. Tulz, in his new status as Speaker of the House, opted to let the election be decided by public vote. Democracy is great, but could this be a symptom of uncertainty on your part or an unwillingness to accept responsibility for your actions? Whatever the cause of the democratic vote, the result was that the work of the Task would be postponed until today.
This did not sit well with Dinkybliss; Biggie had already reprimanded them for their failure on the “nameless” spin, and the threat of failure was all-consuming, their entire income depends on their ability to accomplish this task. Aside from Dinkybliss, a few other housemates seem to be taking this task more seriously than the others: Acacia and Yoli took the lead in conceptualizing their performances in the afternoon, and Thato joined them in the evening to try to formulate a creative proposal. address for your Task.
While they still have some time left, the fact is that many of the Housemates are inexperienced with these types of events, and the fact that they have 18 stories to turn in may be a bigger hurdle than they think. The next two days will be required.