Big Brother Mzansi’s Tulz relationship with his jersey

BBMzansi The jersey that has been breaking the internet
BBMzansi The jersey that has been breaking the internet

If you know nothing else about Big Brother Mzansi’s Tulz, at least you will know that he has had a great relationship with his jersey lately, you can’t go on socials and not come across comments and reactions about Madala’s famous jersey. Yes, a mere knitted garment. This jersey is so famous to the point that it has even been breaking the internet, no jokes detected there.
An avid viewer of the reality show has even suggested that when the season comes to an end, Tulz’s jersey should be put on auction. We all know that only well-known public figures such as celebrities and presidents get to have their clothing items auctioned. Imagine Tulz’s jersey alongside late pop legend Michael Jackson’s fedora hat and gloves or alongside the late president, Nelson Mandela’s signature brightly colored printed shirts.
Many took to the streets of Twitter to share their opinions and theories about the jersey that’s been breaking the internet.
Here are some of the comments that we’ve been receiving…

Sphathisizwe said Tulz’s jersey deserves its own Twitter account. Apparently, when it comes to the game, it means nothing but business.
Nyakkie says she has nothing but love for Tulz’s jersey.
A lady who goes by the name RainyRetweet has politely asked that Housemates hide Madala’s jersey when he takes it off. She’s convinced that it’s not just any jersey but it’s actually a “magic jersey”.
MMtengu says that Tulz’s jersey is a Housemate on its own and Kells thinks that it deserves its own Diary Session. Imagine a whole one on one between Biggie and Madala’s jersey. 😂
Nadly says she could rock Tulz’s jersey with knee high boots. We are all about recycling Natalie!😉
VOXXdjSA says he is going to need to borrow Tulz’s jersey for his June exams. We think that studying is a much safer option, what does Mzansi think? 😉
Judging from these comments, while others find the jersey quite fascinating it seems others do not share the same sentiments. Either way, this garment keeps breaking the internet… beke le beke.