Big Brother Naija (Level Up) Season 7 Top 4 Stylist 2022


Big Brother Naija Season 7 Top 4 Stylist 2022
Big Brother Naija Season 7 Top 4 Stylist 2022



If you were going on vacation and needed a stylist, who in the Level Up House would it be?
We asked you about who you would allow be your stylist if you went on vacation, and you heeded the call.

Housemates have been in the Level Up House for two weeks but have served all sorts of looks.

From the Pool to the Saturday Night Party, Housemates use any opportunity to show off their sense of style.


This week’s theme has been a big fashion showcasing platform; fashion and arts and crafts.

Housemates are to design and make varieties of Gen Z-inspired clothes using Ankara materials.

They will also showcase their designs in a curated fashion show as the official Wager Task for the week.

So, here is who the no sleep geng would choose to be styled by as they go on vacation.

1. Modella


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Modella’s name came out top when we asked the fam to pick a stylist.

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It is understandable because Modella is a stylist by profession.

She is recognized for her level of creativity and her “mind-blowing ideas,” people say.

She was spotted using a hand needle to create a corset, making people highly impressed with her talents.

The self-proclaimed content queen wanted at least one fashion show in the Level Up season.

Biggie heard her call, and now the fashion model is ready to showcase what she can bring to the table.

She stepped into the House in a sexy cream white dress, showing off her legs.

The 25-year-old missed the Gen Z age range by a year, but she seems ready to showcase her styling skills, and the geng is here for it.

2. Khalid


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When Khalid was spotted embellishing his sneakers with an Ankara cloth, he moved up the stylist list by a couple of notches.

He is described as a talented, dedicated, creative, and innovative stylist.

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His coat has earned him all these descriptions, and the geng is looking forward to seeing the whole outfit at the Wager Task Presentation.

The fam reckons everything looks good on him, and the 22-year-old understands the current assignment more than most due to his age.

3. Groovy


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Fashion model Groovy has graced numerous fashion stages, including South African Fashion Week.

His experience has earned him the title of fashion god according to his online supporters.

His hard work is recognized, and people reckon that he is breaking his back for the Task.

When he is not putting his garments together, Groovy is teaching his fellow Housemates how to walk the runway like a true professional.


Groovy’s sense of fashion has been evident this season, and his passion for it too.

He expressed his love for fashion in his Diary Session with Biggie.

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He told Biggie that he does not restrict himself to one style.

“Sometimes I go monochrome, then sometimes full tracksuit, or classic,” Groovy said.

His style is based on the occasion, so he might be the perfect guy to style for a vacation as well.

4. Doyin

Doyin’s fam is calling her a fashion goddess and guru. Showing up in a laced black number at the first Saturday Night Party, Doyin was proving that she is here to serve looks.

She has been showing off some fashion designing skills for this Task, and the fam can’t wait to see her complete design tonight.

She pulled up to the Saturday Night Party in a two-piece paper fit, adding to the collection of her fashionable items.

These four Level Up Housemates are the top contenders when styling is involved, but could the other Housemates surprise us tonight?