Chelsea played their best game yesterday since this year; Dortmund boss praises Chelsea Boss Potter

Chelsea played their best game yesterday since this year; Dortmund boss praises Chelsea Boss Potter.

This kind of looks like more of an insult than a good will to say Chelsea played their best game this year and even at that they still lost against Dortmund.

Dortmund boss have been very vocal while saying that Chelsea did their best and this is by far one of the very best performances Chelsea has ever put up against any club since this year.

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Last night, in Dortmund, there was more clear signs of improvements and takeaways that the coaches and players can be positive with. Of course, they lost the game 1-0, and that’s far from ideal. But they had the clear cut chances to win the game and not only that, win it by a fine margin. They simply just didn’t take their chances, once again.

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But the play was good and Dortmund boss Edin Terzic says it was Chelsea’s best performance of the year, although that’s not difficult as they’ve been very poor for months now.

But I agree with him, it really was, and the steps forward are clear to see. In quotes picked up by Chelsea HQ, Terzic says that he can see the quality that Chelsea have, especially in attack.

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Edin Terzic: “You can see the quality, I think it was maybe Chelsea‘s best performance this year. They were very good on the ball, especially in the second half.

“Chelsea have an incredible quality up front. There was a little bit of luck involved and we had an exceptional goalkeeper.” 

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