Counterparts – Whispers of Your Death Lyrics

Whispers of Your Death Lyrics By Counterparts

Begging from the floor as you stare in the face of starvation.
Sacrifice myself to secure your safety.
I choked on the taste of tears until both of my eyes ran dry.
Refusing to believe false prophets that claimed you would not survive.
It’s hard to breathe without you sleeping on my chest.

Sick and withering from the whispers of your death.
Forever your saviour, as much as you are mine and for that I promise to protect you until the day I die.
Clinging to what little you had come with until my fingernails scratched through to bone.
Collapsing in arms of uncertainty, knowing I could never let you go.
Tearing out what’s left of my insides to spare you from your sickness.
Make your cancer mine.