Day 34: Love sure is blind – BBMzansi romantic relationship in Biggies House

Love sure is blind – BBMzansi
Love sure is blind – BBMzansi

When it comes to love, Libo and Vyno are slowly realizing it may all just be part of the game Libo sitting in Garden at times, pursuing a romantic relationship in Biggies House can be quite tricky, that’s if it doesn’t throw one completely off-track. There are just some sacrifices that need to be made, especially when it comes to securing the bag. In case you may have forgotten, there’s R2 million rand cash prize at stake in the House and the competition is just getting more heated.
Vyno is starting to believe that being in a romantic relationship with Terry may just be messing up with her game plan. Since Vyno and Terry got involved, things between Terry and her bestie Sis Tamara haven’t been the same. In fact, Sis Tamara made waves both in the House and in the viewers’ living rooms when they Nominated Terry for possible Eviction. As if that was not enough, they used their Veto Power to save fellow Housemate Tulz and sacrificed Terry’s boyfriend, Vyno. Whew! It definitely needs a Terry quotable now, “H for Hectic.” As we stand, we are not sure if they are still besties but they seem to be finding a way around their tensions. After all, loyalties are not guaranteed when a whopping grand prize like this is up for grabs.
Although Vyno has reiterated that he’s okay with being Nominated, he’s been visibly affected by Sis Tamra’s actions and further confided in Libo about how their reasoning behind the save and replace just don’t cut it with him. He says he knows how his presence has disrupted the relationship between Terry and Sis Tamara but what he doesn’t understand is how much more he should change or confirm to convince the Housemates that he’s just a calm and collected person. He adds, “I’ve never known peace ever since I entered Biggie’s House” given his track record with Nominations we feel for him.
On the other hand, It looks like it’s true what people often say about love – it does make one blind. Libo convinced Vyno that Mphowabadimo is quiet and doesn’t speak much. Vyno agreed and supported the notion that she keeps to herself with occasional random chats but he’s never approached her for a profound conversation.  Should we tell Libo what Mpho has been saying about him behind his back? While he is oblivious to the skinning behind his back we wonder how he would react to knowing what she talks about.

At least it’s adorable how he’s genuinely happy for her to move on and be in the company of Nthabii.