Day 35: Terry and Sis Tamara Friends or frenemies? – BBMzansi

Friends or frenemies – BBMzansi
Friends or frenemies – BBMzansi

We’ve seen a lot of friendships form in the House, but are they genuine? can you be friends with people you are competing for R2 million with? We think that genuine connections can be formed in Biggies House even though the Housemates compete with one another. We’ve come up with five ways to tell if someone is your friend in the #BBMzansi House.

  • They don’t talk behind your back

A lot of the Housemates started off making friends with each other. Some believed that you couldn’t be friends with people you have just met while others went all in. Gash1 and Libo were very close in the beginning, but Gash1 broke the trust by saying certain things about Libo to Mpho and this is how their friendship ended.

  • They comfort you when you’re sad

There have been many times when we have seen Housemates fall apart in the House and we’ve seen them come together and hold space for each other. Thato and Norman’s friendship is an example of this, even before the feelings crept in, she was always willing to listen to him and he would also do the same for her. We have also seen Nthabii do the same for Mphowabadimo.

  • They fart in front of you

Gash1 and Norman had a moment today where Norman farted and Gash1 laughed about it and said that the smell would go away. He didn’t get upset or feel offended even when Norman pushed the smell in his direction. If that doesn’t say friendship, we don’t know what does.

  • They talk about doing things outside the house with you

Nale can’t wait to celebrate Venus’ birthday after they leave the House and Nthabii cannot wait to go on a spa date with Mphowabadimo and for them to have good food and to introduce her to her boyfriend.

  • They don’t let boys/girls get between them

Everyone was convinced that Sis Tamara putting Vyno up for eviction would rock Terry and Sis Tamara’s friendship. Nothing has changed between the two and Terry still did Sis Tamara’s makeup for the Party.