EXPOSED: Reason why Enzo was finally allowed to come to Chelsea and why his former Coach is angry with him

EXPOSED: Here is the real reason why Enzo Fernandez was finally allowed to come to Chelsea and why his former Coach and Benfica President are angry with him.


Enzo had made his decision to come to Chelsea but he was being held back by his former Coach and also his former club president and just now the truth about how he was able to escape these shackles have been made public

It is safe to say that Enzo Fernandez forced his way through Chelsea move and this is what we can call dedication and decisiveness.

It was noted that Rui Costa at Benfica had been doing his all to try and keep the player, and Chelsea’s new owners have been doing all they could to make it happen. It of course eventually happened in the final moments of transfer deadline day on Tuesday, but Enzo was apparently ready to make a video if Benfica didn’t let him leave!


Of course, I would always take these reports with a pinch of salt, as it always depends on where the information is being fed from. There are probably many bitter people around after this mega deal went through!

But Record in Portugal claim that Enzo had threatened to make a video accusing Benfica’s structure if his move to Chelsea did not materialize!

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