From Biggie to Lawrence there’s no rest in the BBMzansi House when it comes to being spicy

From Biggie to Lawrence
From Biggie to Lawrence

Live Eviction Shows are synonymous with some table shaking moments. When it comes to our Big Brother Mzansi Host, Lawrence Maleka, being spicy is just about his second language. With a lot of juicy scandals that have been taking place in the House, Lawrence is the luckiest person to ask the Housemates some burning questions.
Speaking of spicy moments, we have compiled the top three moments when Lawrence got EXTRA spicy.
Lawrence to Terry: “Anginamsindo”
Lawrence had his foot on Terry’s neck a while ago when they exchanged greetings during one of his House crossovers to talk to the Housemates. Terry wanted to know how the Host was faring and he responded by saying “Anginamsindo”. Anginamsindo translated from isiZulu to English means “I am not loud”. Shade or not, Lawrence sure knew how to take a jab at Terry being the loudest in the House. Even though Terry didn’t get it, the viewers caught on and they were quite amused.
Lawrence to Gash1: “sibonga abadimo for that”
After a long night of partying, Mphowabadimo needed help to make it upstairs and sleep through the night. Gash1 took her to bed with the aim of tucking her in. One thing led to another and they shared a kiss. This gave Lawrence the opportunity to once again get spicy. During the Live Show, he asked Gash1 how he was doing and Gash1 responded by saying he is doing very well. Shots were fired when Lawrence in response to Gash1 said, “sibonga abadimo for that” meaning, “We thank the ancestors for that.” We all know that Mpho calls herself “MphoWABADIMO”. In other words, he was taking a jab at Gash1 by indirectly implying that his doing so well is all thanks to our Queen of the underground gang.
Lawrence to Venus: “Uyathanda uku-kukiwa”
Speaking to Venus, Lawrence once said “uyathanda uku-kukiwa”, meaning you love being carried. Although it was in reference to the night Themba carried Venus in his arms and kissed her. This was not the first time a man carried Venus while kissing her. Previously she was spotted in the very same position when she and Evicted Big Brother Mzansi Housemate B.U kissed passionately.
Lawrence really brought in fireworks and drama. Since the game is only getting more interesting now, Lawrence is bound to get spicier and we hope the Housemates can handle the heat.