Get to know the BBMzansi stans

BBMzansi stans
BBMzansi stans

No one ever talks about the people who vote and support the show (BBMzansi) and the Housemates for months We’ve gotten to know the Housemates and we’ve even reached the Top 10 milestone.
Who are the people keeping them in the House and making sure that they survive the Eviction week in and week out? If you follow us and keep updated using the #BBMzansi you have met these super fans. They will stan, attack, defend, explain, post snippets of their favourites from the show, and vote.
The Housemates have no control over being evicted unless they get immunity by being Head of House or the Deputy Head of House.
The Underground Gang
These are the Mphowabadimo stans and they will defend their Queen no matter what it takes. If you’re thinking of dragging Mpho, think again or deal with the Underground Gang.
These are the Gash1 stans and they are a tight-knit family. They don’t see themselves as fans but as family. Gash1 refers to chosen family a lot, so they’re correct.
Ghost Nation
These are the Themba stans and they have a lot of names for him, #ThembaTheGhost and #ThembaTheBroly. These stans believe that Themba can be anything and see his potential even out of the House.
The Alphas
These are the Nale stans and will also defend her no matter what. They believe she is a representation of who they are and love her kind heart.
The Litbombs
These are the Libo stans and refer to him as idyan. They are peaceful, post snoop tees of him dancing in the House and just see themselves entering the finals.
These are the most peaceful stans. They don’t start beef with anyone. They are always posting wholesome videos of Thato dancing. They also post her videos where she speaks of not giving energy to things that don’t bring you peace.
These are the Venus stans and when they aren’t driving to votes, they highlight her creative attributes and promote her music and they’re always looking forward to the Saturday Night Parties because we know she’s always a vibe.
These are the Sis Tamara stans and they are all about hyping their fave, voting when Sis Tamara needs it and they repost her dancing videos from the Saturday Night Parties.
These are the Terry stans and they will defend her no matter what. They always make it a point to remind us of the many hats that Terry wears even outside of the House.
Tulz Nation
This is probably the most stress-free stanship because their favourite, Tulz has not been up for eviction yet. They are constantly encouraging him to keep going.