Here is Everything Thomas Tuchel said about Chelsea manager job as Graham Potter sack rumor gets serious

Here is Everything Thomas Tuchel said about Chelsea manager job as Graham Potter sack rumor gets serious.

First things first Tuchel has stated occasionally that he loves Chelsea and he will be open to make a come back should it be needed and this is the basis of this response.

In the wake of this result Potter has been made the favorite to lose his job next in the league and Tuchel is high on the list to replace him. That appears unlikely, however, especially with Todd Boehly’s last words on the coach. Speaking at a SALT conference last year he explained why Tuchel was dismissed.

“When you take over any business you have to make sure you are aligned with the people in the business,” he said. “And Tuchel is obviously extremely talented and obviously someone who had great success with Chelsea.

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“Our vision for the club was to find a manager who really wanted to collaborate with us, a coach who really wanted to collaborate. There are a lot of walls to break down at Chelsea. Before, the first team and academy didn’t really share data, and didn’t share information about where the top players were coming from.

“Our goal is to bring a team together; all of that needs to be a well-oiled machine. The reality of our decision was that we weren’t sure that Thomas saw it the same way we saw it.

“No one is right or wrong. We just didn’t have a shared vision for the future. It wasn’t about Zagreb. It was about the shared vision of what we wanted Chelsea to look like. It wasn’t a decision that was made because of a single win or loss. It was a decision that we thought was the right vision for the club.”

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These aren’t the words of a man who wishes to keep ties open with Tuchel. As for the manager himself, he is still out of a job despite being linked with several since leaving. On his departure, Tuchel wrote: “This is one of the most difficult statements I have ever had to write – and it is one which I hoped I would not need to do for many years.

“I am devastated that my time at Chelsea has come to an end. This is a club where I felt at home, both professionally and personally.

“Thank you so much to all the staff, the players and the supporters for making me feel very welcome from the start,” Tuchel added.

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“The pride and joy I felt at helping the team to win the Champions League and the Club World Cup will stay with me forever. I am honoured to have been a part of this club’s history and the memories of the last 19 months will always have a special place in my heart.”

Shortly after Tuchel spoke out to the media about what was coming next, he said, “I haven’t made a decision yet. It is now time for me to take a break. Some clubs have been calling my manager, but we agreed that he would not call me here for these past 18 days.”

Those 18 days are now long since over and there is still no sign of Tuchel coming back to work, especially not at Chelsea. Fans will continue to dream, though.

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