Here is one thing Boehly’s money can’t buy for Chelsea and here is the man to bring Chelsea exactly that

It is often said that Money can buy anything and everything but this is not always true as there is one thing Todd Boehly’s money cannot buy for the club and here is the man to bring it for free.

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According to a source, Philips he said;

Enoka will create a winning culture at Stamford Bridge – something Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly cannot buy.

He said this in a tweet via his Twitter handle on Monday night.

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He tweeted, “Chelsea have hired Gilbert Enoka, the mental skills coach behind the All Blacks’ rugby union team’s ‘no-d—heads’ policy to help create the one thing Todd Boehly’s money can’t buy: a winning culture.”

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Enoka became popular working with the All Blacks and now has the burden of creating a winning mentality at Chelsea.

He will be having his first job in football after years in rugby, netball and cricket.

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