It’s somebody’s farewell tonight and like any other BBMzansi Saturday Night Party

BBM Saturday Night Party
BBM Saturday Night Party

One thing we’ve come to know about the Saturday Night Party is that Housemates will always party like rockstars. The moment their face beat comes on and Biggie’s wardrobe enters the House, you know the vibes get hyped and the Housemates are ready to take on the day.
Although socials have come to call the Saturday Night Party “somebody’s farewell” we have come to see them as more than just a dreadful thing. Come on, with the most epic DJs in the country who wouldn’t want an epic farewell party. If anything, the Party Room is the place to lahla and jive on like there’s no worry in the world – the idea of groove sounds therapeutic to us considering the tension-filled Live Eviction Show.
While the Housemates have no idea how the viewers Vote, it’s only right to party like it’s your last day if you’re on the chopping block – in the wise words of Nale, “let’s have fun guys!”
If the Housemates are not standing by the DJ booth they are on the dancefloor and we all know how Sis Tamara and Thato will always find a way to choreograph and synchronized moves. When it comes to Themba, we think it’s all in the face those facial expressions when he’s dancing are proof that it’s not about sweating but keeping it cool.
After her first Nomination round, Venus retired from being the bartender to the Party Room dance floor. At least she’s got moves and when it comes to some post-party action, we know why she got nicknamed “dirty dancer” during one of the Live Shows by our Host, Lawrence.
After such a long week of being creative and barely sleeping when they plan and conceptualize their Wager Task presentation. We think the Saturday Night Party is a well-deserved break amid all the drama and spiciness in the House. Let’s be frank, why waste fire sets and good vibes to worry about being up for possible Eviction, especially where anything is possible.
Now that we’re here we hope you’re gearing up to the party with the Housemates because it could be somebody’s farewell party – so join in on the fun and don’t miss out on the vibes.