Phyna Begs Bella – “Groovy Doesn’t Know How To Cook. Can You Cook For Him?” (WATCH VIDEO)

Groovy Doesnt Know How To Cook Phyna Begs Bella
Groovy Doesnt Know How To Cook Phyna Begs Bella



Not a day has passed since Groovy parted ways with Phyna, and Phyna can’t seem to stop mentioning or even worrying about him.

Recently, Phyna, a level 2 housemate, was seen inviting Bella, a level 1 Housemate, to cook for Groovy because Groovy doesn’t know how to cook.

In her own words, she conveyed the following message to Bella:

“Bella, can you sometimes make meals for Groovy because he doesn’t know how to cook?”

Bella didn’t reply well as she told Phyna to say it louder, but it seems she will cook sometimes for Groovy.

Some people on the internet were making fun of Phyna, but when I look at her, I see someone who genuinely cares about her Housemate.


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