Potter reacts to a new song “Waste of Money” organized by Chelsea fans; Here is what he said

No matter which side you are looking at it from you might have the same feeling that Chelsea wasted money buying average players this January and their matches after these transfers have proven it.


Potter on the other hand is not having any of these and he has furiously reacted to the songs being sang by Chelsea fans to these players every match and he said;

“We’ve spent the money we’ve spent. The media aren’t going to let that go under the radar. All of football will be singing that song, that’s for sure. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. There’s free speech, which is good. I don’t worry about that,” the former Brighton coach mused.

“Envy isn’t a good quality to have. I’ve never been envious of anybody. I’ve tried to work and do the best I can in the circumstances I have,” Potter continued.


“You’re best to compare to yourself rather than somebody else because you don’t know the context or the situation. I also understand that’s the world we’re in, and that’s fine by me.”

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