Remember Sports – Supervise Lyrics

Remember Sports – Supervise Lyrics

Couldn’t feel it at all when my head hit the ball
How I used to be somebody’s baby
Did you mean what you said when you went through my head?
Had good bones but the floorboards were shaky
I don’t think it’s relevant that I don’t have the answers
Try to fake a career lose yourself to a year
This is all readjusting
No growing up from here

I could put you in glass egg you on make you mad
Never knew the right ways to impress you
I’ll be humming along to your old favorite song
Watch the sun sparkling down on the toll booth
I don’t think of you and me when I’m not by a mirror
Couldn’t shake what you said you were wrong even then
It was easy to love me
No growing up from here

You gotta help me
I fell too deep
Hanging onto entropy
I’m on my knees
Praying for a remedy
All because she
Asked if I was happy
What else would I be?

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Wishing you were here got old real soon
Tried to supervise them got too blue
Wishing you were here got old real soon
Tried to hide it from you got too blue