The BBMzansi Top 8 Wager Task Superpowers 2022

BBMzansi Top 8 Wager Task
BBMzansi Top 8 Wager Task

BBMzansi Day 60 – The Top 8 Wager Task Superpowers When it comes to Task Wagers, every Housemate must pull out all the stops.
One thing about Gash1, he knows how to navigate different landscapes with ease. Through every phase of a Wager Task cycle, Gash1 is the one who will be helping his team to see things they could have missed. When it comes to tackling challenges, there’s no doubt that he has some unique perspectives. And now that they have to think about extraterrestrial life thanks to the upcoming debate, we’ve heard some rabbit hole theories spilling out of him. He’s also a strategist, has made some pretty big moves to shift the game in the House. Everyone benefits.
When Libo tried saving an injured bird that fell from its nest, we knew he was a real one. He was also the one who helped a limping Themba to his bed after that intense Ultimate Veto Power Play, which tells you everything you need to know about him. The very same energy is often felt during preparations for Wager Tasks. Libo is often the light-hearted one, diffusing escalating tampers and just being goofy so that everyone can have a good laugh and keep it moving. It certainly helps with team morale.
The thing about Mphowadimo is, she really comes alive at the right moments. She always knows the assignment for the Saturday Night Parties. She also excels in the curriculum when it comes to presenting Wager Tasks to Biggie! A professional with a capital P, Mphowabadimo is never found out of her element when it’s crunch time. She’s a natural pro in front of the camera, and often uses her natural flair for presenting and public speaking to deliver epic moments. It’s safe to say that her fellow Housemates know they can always count on her.
You are looking at a superstar! Further to the resilience and laser light focus that makes Sis Tamara the triple threat who became the first Housemate to be crowned HoH twice this season, Sis Tamara is also exactly the star she thinks she is. Whether she is slaying the runway, serving the fashion killer moments, or tapping into her vulnerability to reveal layers to her soul, you can always rest assured we are getting a big show from Sis Tamara. What’s more, her passion is contagious for the team, which means everyone is able to enter winner mode around her.
It’s amazing how elastic Themba’s creative genius can be. One week he is expressing the most intricate ideas through the art of painting, and the next he is helping the team secure big by creating something unique with his own hands. The man loves the crafts! It shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing as he is a tattoo artist in real life. In fact, Themba has asked Biggie for a tattoo machine as another way for him to express himself. Fortunately, the Wager Tasks have proven to be a perfect platform for him to share his artistic mind with the world.
By now, the Housemates know that in the absence of Google, Tulz is the next best bet. He is always on standby to share some of his knowledge to keep the team on track for the Tasks. And not only that, he is able to use the same characteristics to balance out emotions with a bit of reasoning. As soon as the Wager Task brief arrives, Tulz is already jumping on it to break down the instructions, explain some of the big words, and even attempt to get in Biggie’s mind (and voice!). He can also tell a good story, which has definitely gotten better through the years of practice as a voice-over artist.
At one point during Tulz’s second reign as HoH, Tulz stood on top of the bed and yelled Biggie’s summons for the HoH. It echoed throughout the House, finding Tulz wherever he was and delivering him to the Diary Room. She’s the life and energy of the party, and it helps to keep things upbeat and alive. Whether she’s dancing, singing, working, or just goofing around, you know she will be putting on a mini show. But where Terry really shines is where she applies her Pro makeup experience to make sure her fellow Housemates are painted for the gawds.
We are never found missing out on a good style moment from Thato. It’s a combination of two things; she’s clearly stylish, a fact which is often witnessed at the Saturday Night Parties. She also tends to look good in anything – that’s the Rihanna effect. Thato, even more impressively, is a girl who is always in formation. The socials may have already made her dance breaks go viral before she entered the House, but the Housemates have also benefited a great deal from her smooth moves. Movement is everything on the Tasks, and Thato has made absolutely sure to lead her team to victory through her talents.