The BBNaija Season 7 2022 Level Up Space Force (Details)

The BBNaija Level Up Space Force
The BBNaija Level Up Space Force


BBNaija Space Force

The BBNaija world is faced with an Alien invasion. Who do we call? The #BBNaija Space Force

This season, we have been opportune to see the Level Up Housemates shine in various capacities, thanks to their attitude towards Tasks, and other activities in the House.

These activities have highlighted certain special abilities of the Housemates and we thought to put them into categories that show just how awesome they are.

The Flight Commander

This is someone who is known to take charge when it is needed. A Housemate who is able to assemble their fellow Housemates and lead them to success in various activities.

Some of the HMs who have been able to show exceptional skill in this field are; Eloswag, Adekunle and Hermes, whose exceptional level of coordination has helped them snag the HoH title and has set the tone of leadership in Level 1.

Groovy and Bryann also fall under this category because their can-do spirit has led Level 2 to win various Tasks and motivate their Housemates whenever they are in low spirits.

Here are a few things fans had to say about the Housemates in this category;

Eloswag: He has leadership skills especially when coordinating tasks and preparing for tasks.

Adekunle: He has good communication skills, listens, and also gives genuine opinions.

Hermes: He is intelligent, thoughtful, and has the best interest of everyone at heart.

Groovy: He has a strong personality and is an alpha male, so it only makes sense for him to be a Flight Commander.

Bryann: He commands respect, he is brave and also intelligent.

Minister of Enjoyment

All work and no play dey make man dull and this set of Housemates are definitely aware of this. Let’s start with the soft life geng; Bella, Diana, and Allysyn. They have expressed over time how they are about the soft life and wouldn’t trade anything else for it.

Phyna on the other hand has shown she knows how to set a party on fire and catch cruise whenever she wants to.

Then there is the quiet Dotun who is known to stay away from wahala because he is not about to let anyone ruin his peace. Peep what some of y’all said about why these Housemates are all about fun.

Bella: She has said with her full chest that she is for the soft life and I agree.

Diana; Mon Cheri no like stress abeg. The way she pampers her skin and does things lowkey shows she is in the House for fun.

Allysyn: She’s all about good energy and if negative energy ever comes, she would turn it into something positive.

Phyna: She brings the vibes and fun to the party

Dotun: He is funny, quiet, intelligent, willing to learn, and he’s all about the vibes.

Kitchen Commander

See this set of guys? If they step back from the kitchen, many will voluntarily take an exit from Biggie’s House (side-eyeing Doyin). Even though a lot of the Housemates can fry an egg or make noodles, these Housemates bring out the big guns with mouth-watering soups and stews that leave Biggie’s cameramen salivating.

(Yes! we went there). Modella came in as a Fake Housemate but that did not stop her from throwing down in the kitchen. In fact, this lady was already making better Amala for the Housemates on her second day in the House.

Chichi and Rachel have been marked as heavyweights in the Level 1 kitchen while Amaka no dey disappoint when she enter kitchen for Level 2. We asked some of you guys to tell us why they are ‘mighty warriors’ in the kitchen and here’s what you said;

Modella: She’s always in the kitchen and seems like a great cook.

Chichi: Chichi is best at coordinating the kitchen, she is also an excellent cook.

Rachel: She is good in the kitchen

Amaka: She is a good cook and has kitchen etiquette.

Defence Specialist

No try these Housemates at all o! They know how to go hard for their people and make sure they stand strong. Daniella has shown exceptional skill at Tasks and has also been very vocal in airing her views, especially in making sure no one takes advantage of her.

Giddyfia, Sheggz, and Deji have also stood tall in defence of their Level when it was necessary. Whether it was during Nomination time or Tasks, they made it clear why Level 1 should take no prisoners. Chizzy and Kess are Housemates who share the same beliefs in Level 2.

In fact, Eloswag had accused Chizzy of taking the competition too personal hence the reason why he Nominated him for possible Eviction. Last to be mentioned in this category is Doyin, who at different times stood up against her fellow Level 1 Housemates over what she perceived as bullying of Level 2. Here’s why y’all believe they are the ‘defenders of the defenceless’.

Daniella: Daniella is fit and would be a perfect female defender. She is always active during morning workouts.

Giddyfia: He has a lot of confidence in himself.

Sheggz: He will defend himself, what is right, and also defend other people’s opinions as well as state facts.

Deji: He stands his ground when needed and also knows how to put other people in check.

Chizzy: I like the way he showed loyalty to Level 2.

Kess: He has a strong character that commands response.

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