The nominated BBMzansi week 6 housemates came to air

The Nominated Housemates get to vent – BBMzansi
The Nominated Housemates get to vent – BBMzansi

Earlier this evening, the six Nominated Housemates were called into their Diary Sessions where they got to express their feelings about finding themselves on the chopping block.
Thato during her Diary Session
Thato was up first, which was good since viewers would love to hear her thoughts about being picked to replace Terry on the Nominations list by Tulz – the very man who is been super obvious about his affection for her. “I expected it,” she said, “because I think I understand his strategy.”
“Tulz always mentions that he’s playing for ‘outside’,” she went on, meaning the voters outside of the House. “To say to the audience that ‘I’m here for the money’, the smart thing to do is to take the person that you like and put them in.”
Mphowabadimo was not at all surprised about being Nominated, despite not being on the list for the past two weeks. “They’ll just put me up again and again and again.” On the subject of Tulz, she said that she “really wants him to be up for Nomination, because he has a deep, deep fear of being Nominated.” Tulz is one of the very few Housemates who has not been on the chopping block, so it would certainly be interesting to see how he reacted to that were it to happen.
Many would argue that Sis Tamara has some reason to be a bit miffed with Tulz – she has used the HoH power to save Tulz from Nomination twice – although Tulz can only know about one of those occasions – and Tulz used his power to save Terry instead. Sis Tamara, for her part, doesn’t seem particularly upset (well, not about that, at least).
“It’s less of a blow to me,” she said, referring to being put on the block by the Head of House, “because I’ve been there.” She did seem somewhat irritated by Tulz’s self-recrimination, however, “Don’t say something and not stick to it. Rather don’t say it.” This was in reference to Tulz speaking to her after the Nominations, apologizing for not being loyal, when he really is. Sis Tamara has a point.
Continuing with the general theme, Nale said, “I’m not surprised, honestly. I knew I had a very serious target on my back – ever since I opened my mouth. Maybe if I had just kept quiet…” Her lack of surprise wasn’t enough to quell any anxiety, however. “It’s the build-up to Sunday that’s killing me.”
Gash1 spent most of his session discussing Thato – which is cute, but entirely off-topic for this article. If you want to check it out, we’ve included a handy little video highlight. No, no – don’t thank us. It’s what we do.
So – all of the Housemates expressed a total lack of surprise about being Nominated. Well, almost all of them. One expressed an interest in Thato. Five out of six isn’t bad.