Top five funniest Ringo moments in DiepCity season 2

Top five funniest Ringo moments in DiepCity season 2
Top five funniest Ringo moments in DiepCity season 2



Do you remember when Ringo brought Mgedeza a pig instead of a goat? Or when he was a stripper for Dakalo’s bachelorette party? Relive some of your favorite funny man’s best moments and videos.



1. When Mgedeza gave him R3000 to buy a goat, he brought a pig instead

Ringo Is so funny, he brought us laughter when we were mourning Khumo’s death.

Mgedeza tasked Danger with finding a goat for the burial ceremony and Danger trusted Ringo with R3000 to bring a goat.

What did Ringo do instead? He tried to steal a goat, in the dark of the night, just so he could keep some of the money.

He ended up stealing a pig instead and brought that to Mgedeza. Who can forget this moment?



2. When he was a stripper at Dakalo’s bachelorette party

He didn’t plan to be the dancer of the evening at Dakalo’s party, but Ringo had the time of his life dancing for the ladies there.



3. He cried when he saw Khelina lying on her bed covered in money

Money makes the world go around, but when it comes to Ringo, it makes him burst out in tears.

Who could forget his reaction to seeing Khelina lying on a bed of accident fund money?



4. Remember when his son, Big Boy blackmailed him?

Very few people in DiepCity can stress Ringo out, except Khelina and Big Boy.

Ringo’s son showed up on the scene and we got to see an even funnier side of Ringo.

Who knew Ringo could be blackmailed by his own son and fall for it all so quickly and easily?



5. Khelina refuses to forgive Ringo for blowing her money

The truth is that Khelina makes Ringo weak in the knees, and when she is angry with him or breaks up with him, he really loses it.