Week 5 BBMzansi Nomination Result 2022

Nomination Result for Week 5 Housemates in BBMzansi
Nomination Result for Week 5 Housemates in BBMzansi


BBMzansi Nomination Result for Week 5 2022

Results for Nominations of Week 5 in the Big Brother Mzansi 2022 are here as the Housemates finish their normal regular live nominations of the season.
Only the head of house (HOH) and deputy head of house (DHOH) were saved from possible eviction in Week 5 as the winners of the challenge after the Head Of House (HOH) game.

Nomination Result for Week 5 in BBMzansi 2022

Below is how the housemates nominated themselves during tonight’s Live Nomination Show in week 5 of Big Brother Mzansi 2022 season 3.

Gash1, Norman, Nthabii, Terry, Themba, Vyno, and Yoli have been nominated for possible eviction in the BBMzansi week 5 on Sunday

S/N Nominated Nominated
1 Norman vyno, tulz, nthabii
2 Vyno norman, yoli, gash1
3 Gash1 terry, nthabii, mpho
4 Sis Tamara themba, terry, vyno
5 Themba yoli, terry, tulz
6 Libo gash1, yoli, themba
7 Tulz yoli, themba, norman
8 Yoli tulz, nthabii, mpho
9 Terry yoli, norman, gash1
10 Nale gash1, themba, yoli
12 Venus nthabii, gash1, thato
13 Mpho yoli, norman, tulz
14 Nthabii
1 Gash1  5
2 Norman 4
3 Nthatbii 5
4 Terry 3
5 Themba 4
6 Vyno Replaced
7 Yoli 7

Housemate up for Eviction in BBMzansi Week 5 (Five)

The list of housemates below on the table above are up for possible eviction this week 5, don’t forget that only your vote can keep them safe from eviction in week five.

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