What Happened Between BBMzansi Libo And Mpho

What Happened Between BBMzansi Libo And Mpho Situationship

Big Brother Mzansi Fans Finally Get Clarification On Whether Or Not Libo And Mpho Were “A Thing!” did Mpho friendzone Libo or she actually have feelings for him but is hiding it behind this universal term to prove his [Libo] real intentions?
Apart from Terry and Vyno, the second pair of housemates who often give viewers sleepless nights is none other than Libo and Mpho. Although their intentions were not clear at first, the two developed strong feelings towards each other the more they continued to share most of the good time together.
Yesterday, what seemed like a perfect ship received a turn off-the-course as the couple decided to settle for friendship other than continuing with a “relationship”. They say it’s better for both of them.
But if you look on a deeper level, maybe it was just the right time to arrive at this decision as it was more likely to have diverted their gameplay/plan. Like Themba as always said, there’s no need to risk 2 million for just a relationship, the two seem to have heeded to this advice.
Nevertheless, this friend zone may be just verbal, we can’t wait to put it at a test during Saturday Night Party when Libo tries a move with other girls in the house, will Mpho keep a cold shoulder? we are yet to find out.