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BBMzansi Day 44 Playing the game
BBMzansi Day 44 Playing the game

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BBMzansi Day 44: Playing the game

In a game of strategy, Housemates have turned to play their own game and but whose game will win? let’s be frank we’ve heard the Housemates often talk about how they came into the house with some sort of strategy – but what does it really mean?
Now that 10 Housemates remain in the game, divisions and tensions are on the rise and there’s no way of hiding it anymore. Strategies have been an essential part of surviving the BBMzansi House and every little one of them counts – from playing the observation game to being loud or just having some sort of influence in decision making – they have all been at it since day one.
However, what sets today’s Diary Sessions apart from the rest is how self-aware the House has become. After getting through their first Nominations strategy to put up Housemates from the Summer Nights Bedroom for possible Eviction – the “snakes” are now going after each other. Thanks to Biggie’s spicy introduction of the Conspiracy Corner, we have front row seats to the way the Housemates have been shifting their strategies and forming new alliances in the House.
It’s just Tuesday but Gash1 has been going through it this week. In his Diary Session, he spoke to Biggie about how angry he felt being Nominated once again this week. However, he’s focused on changing his strategy to getting all the ladies in the House to form an alliance with him. He hopes to use it to turn them against people that have been putting a target on his back.
Nale says that she finds herself being asked to conspire with people pitching their game, but the Conspiracy Corner has really shifted her relationship with Libo. She says he recruited her for an alliance but betrayed their alliance when he put her up for possible Eviction with his save and replace during the Live Nominations. Moving forward she agrees to have fun and focus on playing her own strategy.
Mphowabadimo says whether you use the Conspiracy Corner or not everyone in the House has their guard up so it’s better to focus on the money. She added that she’s not shocked anymore about being Nominated along with people that she’s close to in the House, however, she’s no longer shocked when she survives, and they leave the House after all she came in the House alone. When it comes to applying her own strategy, she says she’s taking each day as it comes because it lessens the tension in the House but she’s digging deeper into her own strength and being an individual.
With new alliances being formed in the House and the Housemates are feeling the pressure. Thato believes that Terry and Libo make it obvious that they’ve Nominated her, but she’s convinced that her closeness to Gash1 has put a target on her back. As far as her strategy goes, Thato feels like she can thrive more as an individual so she will be focusing on having her own game. Her focus for this week is to enjoy this week’s Task.
Venus believes that Housemates that have never taken time to get to know her in the House are feeling uncomfortable with decisions that she could make around Nominations. At this point, she feels like they have exhausted their strategy to conspire against Housemates in the Summer Nights Bedroom hence they are going after each other. However, playing her own game now means not imposing her craft but respecting people’s differences. In case you missed it – Libo’s comments about her posture during the Workout Session left her teary in the early hours of the morning. In her defense, she feels like the anthem was off-key on many occasions, but she did not impose her craft on the Housemates.
If we’re to put in perspective, the Housemates may be divided about forming alliances or using the Conspiracy Corner but the game is only getting more heated now and the R2 million cheque is calling!

BBMzansi Internet reacts to new Housemates
BBMzansi Internet reacts to new Housemates

BBMzansi Day 44: Internet reacts to new Housemates

Two newbies have joined the top 10 Housemates and every Housemate can’t help but love them After presenting their mannequins, Housemates were Tasked with treating them like new Housemates in the House. Moving forward Housemates will offer them food, conspire with them and chat with them like any other House in the BBMzansi House.
A couple of the Housemates didn’t look particularly impressed with the Task and we think it’s the fact that they must share their food more than it is about talking to them – we know how they love their food.
However, we’re excited to welcome our first newbie CoCo Butter she the iconic fashionista with healing superpowers. She loves her hair bright coupled with any bright accessories only.
Our next Housemate is Queen Mother she hails from Transkei and enjoys smoke breaks with her tobacco pipe and prefers to be called Mama.
Now that introductions are out of the way, most of you had mixed reactions on our socials and we couldn’t help but chuckle with you at some of the comments you shared on the first impressions of your newbies. From when they may be Nominated to who will be eating their portions of food we have seen it all.