Winner Of BBMzansi Week 5 Friday Night Game 2022

Winner Of BBMzansi Week 5 Friday Night Game
Winner Of BBMzansi Week 5 Friday Night Game


BBMzansi Week 5 Friday Night Game Winner

Housemates went into the Friday Night Games with the hope of redeeming themselves, especially since they didn’t do too well in the previous week’s puzzle game challenge. When it came to putting together a puzzle, individuals saw flames!
Tonight’s games were designed to test speed and endurance. Biggie started off by stating the rules of the games. This was then followed by Biggie asking The Housemates to walk around the course for inspection.
The Housemate was expected to complete a series of four games and the winner would be the Housemate who finishes the game course in the shortest time.

The BBMzansi Week 5 Friday Night Game 2022 games are stated below:

  • Game number 1: Balloon Hockey

Using the skinny and long balloon as a hockey stick, the Housemates had to race the round balloon from point A to point B on the ribbon-shaped course. The balloon being raced had to always stay within the lines.

  • Game number 2: Under the Clouds

Getting down on their stomachs, Housemates had to use their upper body strength to crawl under the clouds as quickly as they could from one end to the other. While doing this they had to flap their arms like a bird flapping its wings.

  • Game number 3: Balloon Throw

Three empty buckets were placed in a line. Housemates had to stand behind a marked line on the ground and throw a balloon into each of the buckets. Once they had dunked a balloon in each bucket, they had to proceed to the last challenge while flapping their wings.

  • Final game: Balloon Pop

Using their bottoms, Housemates had to attempt to pop all balloons as quickly as they could.
As expected, the housemates were fired up and battled it out. There was a lot of excitement in the Arena as individuals cheered for their favourites. Yoli received a standing ovation after popping all three balloons in one go. Nale disregarded Biggie’s rules and she was penalized. Themba and Libo were the last two men standing. Both the guys completed the course in 47 seconds and Biggie had to call in for a tiebreaker. After a very close score, Libo emerged victoriously.