Chelsea board standing by Potter; Chelsea Owner reveals his plans with Potter

Despite the fact that Potter is loosing matches all the time Chelsea owner has opened up on what he will do with Potter when the season ends.


Chelsea’s board are not wavering over their confidence in manager Graham Potter, it has been revealed.

The Daily Mail says there is no sense that Potter’s job will be in jeopardy, even if Chelsea failed to make the top four this season, because Todd Boehly, Behdad Egbahali and Jose Feliciano want to drive long-term cultural change at the club and will accept the pain of short-term setbacks in order to make the club challengers for the Premier League title again.

Boehly, Egbahli and Felciano were all at Chelsea’s defeat against Manchester City on Thursday and were encouraged despite the loss.


Finishing fourth, while clearly important financially, isn’t the ultimate goal, which is winning the Premier League title.

Whilst respectful of what Roman Abramovich achieved on the pitch at Chelsea, their analysis was that the club had fallen well behind Manchester City and Liverpool in terms of challenging for the title, despite winning the 2021 Champions League.

And that it couldn’t continue to be run as a benefactor club, running up losses and with negligible financial transparency.

It’s claimed the turnaround under Potter is expected to take time and short-term issues, such as the current injuries, the interruption of the World Cup and the difficulty of negotiating a transfer window immediately after the sale of club, which was done so under previous manager Thomas Tuchel, all explain the current situation.

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