Chelsea now on track to secure top 4 position; Tottenham Coach Antonio Conte fearfully admits

Chelsea now on track to secure top 4 position; Tottenham Coach Antonio Conte fearfully admits in a new Interview.

In a new interview, Tottenham coach Antonio Conte have admitted to the fact that Chelsea is on their way to secure the top 4 position in the EPL and here is why.

“We know very well the race for a place in Champions League will be really, really tough. You see the competitors,” Conte stated to reporters after his side beat Nottingham Forest at the weekend.

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“You see there are many, many teams involved and I think in this moment there is only one place available because Man City and Arsenal are fighting to win the Premier League and Man United I think are showing they have great continuity of good results. I think there is one place and there are many teams, many important teams that are in this race.

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“We have to try to do our best and for sure I repeat for us to finish in the top four is like to win the Premier League. It happen last season and I spoke about miracle.

“I continue to say maybe this season it be much more difficult, much more difficult because Liverpool is a competitor in this race. Newcastle is a competitor and Newcastle is a different Newcastle to the past. They invest a lot of money and they have a strong team.

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“You see Chelsea and what happened there and their position, but I don’t consider Chelsea outside [the top-four race]. They have the possibility to win the last 11 or 12 games in a row because the squad is really, really strong.

“But we need to think about ourselves. A top club looks at themselves, not to other results.”

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