Chelsea should sell Thiago Silva and Conor Gallagher; Another failed Liverpool ex player said

Chelsea should sell Thiago Silva and Connor Gallagher; Another failed Liverpool ex player said.

It looks like the only thing Liverpool ex players who did not manage to win anything nor any individual trophies know how to do is to spot people clubs should sell.

It is a good thing considering the fact that they are professionals in failures too and one of them have pointed at Gallagher and Silva to be sold.

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Stan Collymore has been particular about Chelsea players and he is not talking about Liverpool flop right now but again what do we know.

Most of the players he suggested would be the same we would pick ourselves – Conor Gallagher is an interesting one because he’s got an important role to play for us – but as Collymore points out, he would get a great fee if we’re not planning to use him.

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His choice on Thiago Silva on the other hand was indefensible.

The fact that he even suggests selling Silva proves he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. There are two very good reasons to not sell Thiago. Number one – he’s on a one year rolling contract so you literally can’t sell him, and number two – he’s our best defender and possibly our best player.

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Why on Earth would you want to see him leave?

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